Unit 441 Minutes  

March 4, 2018


In Attendance:          Demeter Manning

                                    Steve Brown

                                    Bill Julius

                                    Vicki Hamende

                                    David Hopkins

                                    Helen Banner

                                    Gary Griesmeyer

                                    Nan Hittmeier


Absent:                      Henrietta Moore


Demeter called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. at the Tumwater Bridge Club. 


Minutes:  The board voted to adopt the minutes of the January 7, 2018, board meeting, and Gary will post them on the website.


Finances:  Bill reported that the unit has $5,895 in the treasury plus $90 in cash.  The board discussed the $25 fee for the two-session + lunch unit game at Alderbrook on March 22nd and speculated that the profits could be small after the director is paid.


Communications:  Vicki reported that she will send email notices to everyone in the unit to advertise the Alderbrook event.  Space is limited, so attendees are required to make reservations ahead of time with David.  Vicki also reported that she is mailing Pow Wow flyers to units in our attendance area asking them to display the flyers at their tournaments and to “talk it up” at their clubs.  Vicki also said she is now an administrator for the website and will be working with Gary to help spice it up and update it.


 Pow Wow:  The board discussed the fact that non-ACBL players who show up for tournaments must now obtain a temporary membership.  This is something we need to clarify before the Pow Wow.  The board briefly talked about who the unit pays to make the boards for the tournament.


Other Tournaments:  It was reported that at the recent tournament in Vancouver the attendance was down 20 percent.  Steve pointed out that Seaside will be hosting a non-life-master regional (0-750) in connection with its regular sectional in April.  Steve will follow up to find out whether the event is successful.


Unit Game Checklists:  Vicki said she revised the pre- and post-game checklists for unit games to make sure that the board is aware of duties that pertain to the director and duties that pertain to board members or their designees.  Vicki volunteered to be responsible for loading and starting the dishwasher and also for cleaning the serving table.  Nan volunteered to vacuum, and Helen said she would serve as an overall cleaning person, making sure everything on the post-game checklist is taken care of.  Other board members who attend the unit games would be expected to pitch in or to designate other players to help, if needed.  (NOTE:  The board still needs a volunteer to be responsible for the garbage.)  Vicki said she would keep revising the checklists and emailing them to the board for suggestions and then would laminate copies of the lists for use at unit games.


Awards:  Demeter said she would pass out certificates for Ace of Clubs winners at the March

4th   unit game.


Balancing the Field at Unit Games:  Demeter suggested a method for balancing the field at unit games, and the board agreed to try it.   The plan is to put A players at tables, 1, 4, and 7, NS and EW, alternating the directions.  B players will be placed at tables 2, 5, and 8, and C players will go to tables 3, 6, and 9.  The idea is to put approximately the same number of each strat in each direction. 


Survey Monkey:  Demeter reported that we can send questionnaires to unit members via “Survey Monkey” to gather ideas for improving attendance at unit games.  The board discussed having 5-10 questions and talked about how to select members to be polled.  Demeter asked everyone to think about what questions we should ask.  Nan brought up the idea of sending a separate survey to the 68 players who are 299ers.  Further discussion will take place at the May 6th board meeting. 


Jubilee:  Steve said that he and Mike will get the names and email addresses of people who play duplicate bridge at Jubilee.  This information could be used to invite them to our unit games.


Classes for Beginners:  The board noted the need for classes for beginning bridge players but also discussed the fact that the “well may have run dry” in terms of being able to find students.  It was suggested that we ask Brad what it would take for him to offer beginner classes again.  Steve suggested that we locate potential students first and then try to reach a compromise with Brad.


Pro-Am Games:  The board discussed having more Pro-Am games and voted to use a random draw to match mentors with mentees at the June 19th Pro-Am game.


Door Prizes:  Nan brought up the idea of awarding door prizes, such as free-play certificates or white elephants, at unit games.


Player Interviews:  Nan and Vicki volunteered to conduct interviews with random players to help others get to know them.  Nan and Vicki will develop a list of questions.  The interviews (with photos of the interviewees) would be posted on the website or emailed to the unit members.  The plan is to post two interviews per month.


Partnership “Desk:”  Nan suggested offering a way for people who need a partner for a specific game to find one.  The board talked about the idea of posting a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board or developing something similar on the website.


Unit Game Trophy:  Gary said he will be in charge of the traveling trophy that is awarded each year to the person who has won the most masterpoints in that year’s unit games.


More Ideas from Nan:  Nan suggested having a unit game just for 299ers.  The board discussed the fact that 299ers can have a separate section if enough of them come to the regular unit games.  Nan wondered if we could set up a “challenge” game pitting 299ers against Jubilee/Alderbrook players.  She also suggested developing more mentoring options for 299ers.  She also said it might be fun to ask people to come to a “Happy Hour” after the unit games.


Next Board Meeting:  Demeter announced that the next board meeting will take place at 11 a.m. prior to the May 6th unit game.