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Unit 441 Minutes

January 7, 2018


In Attendance:  Steve Brown

                            Demeter Manning

                            Bill Julius

                            David Hopkins

                            Helen Banner

                            Henrietta Moore

                            Gary Griesmeyer

                            Nan Hittmeier

                            Vicki Hamende


Steve Brown called the meeting to order at 4:55 p.m. at the Tumwater Bridge Club.  The board welcomed newly elected members Bill Julius, Nan Hittmeier, and Vicki Hamende.  As part of a reorganization, Demeter agreed to be the new president, Steve to be the vice president, Bill to be the treasurer, and Vicki to be the secretary.


December 3, 2017 Minutes:  The board voted to adopt the minutes, and Gary will post them on the website.


2018 Pow Wow Sectional Tournament:  Demeter, who is chairing the event, reported that the traditional table count is too low to support additional team events such as knockouts.  The board agreed to change the hours of the Saturday and Sunday games from noon and 5:30 p.m. to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Although the Saturday and Sunday games are considered two-session play-throughs, it will be noted on the flyer that single session play is also allowed.  The Friday game will continue as single sessions at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m., and the Monday Swiss Teams game will start at 10 a.m. as usual.


It was suggested that we consider offering door prizes solicited from local businesses instead of bottles of wine to event winners.  


Bill will continue to be responsible for setting up and taking down the tables.  Nan and Vicki have agreed to assist Paul Sekulich with the “goodies galore.”  Vicki is revising the flyer with board approval and will work with the printer to make sure we have copies ready to distribute at tournaments in Bellingham and Vancouver in February.  Meanwhile, Demeter is awaiting a sanction for the Pow Wow, and then we will need ACBL approval of the flyer.


Nan volunteered to check with with ACBL to find out if information is available about the people who have played in the events at our sectional.  She is wondering if the ACBL has a short survey we could send out to get feedback.


Unit Games:  Vicki will remind the directors and guaranteed partners each month.


Month             Director                                  Guaranteed Partner

February          Helen Miller                           Henrietta

March              John Penney                           Steve

April                Demeter                                  Demeter

May                 Helen Miller                           Bill

June                 John Penney                           Nan

July                 Helen Miller                           Vicki

August            John Penney                           Helen Banner

October           Demeter                                  Gary

November       Demeter                                  Henrietta

December        Helen Miller                           Helen Banner


Vicki volunteered to send an email to all the players asking for suggestions to improve attendance at the unit games.  She also questioned whether the unit games always have to be on the first Sunday.

David proposed offering two more unit games a year and having them at Alderbrook, where no rent would be required.  The games could be at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. with lunch in between.  He is going to look into it.  


Demeter said she would research with the ACBL to find out what we’re sanctioned for in terms of unit games.


The board agreed at its December 2017 meeting to offer free plays to unit games.  The free plays would be awarded to people who currently do not attend unit games.  At this meeting, the board discussed whether the person giving the free play would then be the partner for the person receiving the coupon.  The board also discussed whether a free play would expand to cover a couple.  Bill pointed out that we need 11 tables at unit games to cover our rent.  


Nan brought up the idea of offering a charity game.  The board suggested she talk to Brad about it.  If the unit were to host a charity game, it would have to give up a special game.


Special Games in 2018:  Alex Rajala will direct the three special games, which include Eight is Enough on April 24th, the Pro-Am on June 19th, and Eight is Enough on December 11th.  


Voting for Unit Board Members:  It was noted that the time period for voting for board members was exceptionally long and that the fact that people could still vote during the January unit game prevented Steve from being able to announce the winners during the annual meeting before the game.  Vicki suggested that we change to online voting to simplify the process.  She is going to determine how many of the people who voted in the recent election have email addresses.  She will also check to make sure all those voting are ACBL members in good standing.  Vicki pointed out that we could have online voting but still offer paper ballots to people without access to email.  Henrietta said she would investigate to find out if we need a change in our bylaws.


Finances:  Bill pointed out that some people at the annual meeting seemed to be confused by the 2017 Final Summary for the unit.  He noted in the summary that we lost money on the 2017 Pow Wow and that the net proceeds from the unit games in 2017 did not cover the cost of the rent.  He reported that an additional 3.5 tables at each unit game would have fully covered the annual cost of rent.  Bill suggested that the board should spend some time going over the unit finances to figure out how to stop the financial slide.


Next Meeting:  Demeter announced that the next unit board meeting will be before the March 4th unit game.