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Unit 441 Minutes

December 3, 2017


In Attendance:  Demeter Manning                                      Absent:  Steve Brown

                           Alex Rajala                                                                  Debra Wilhelmi

                           Bill Julius

                           David Hopkins

                           Helen Banner

                           Henrietta Moore

                           Gary Griesmeyer


Guest:                Vicki Hamende


Demeter Manning called the meeting to order at 11 a.m. at the Tumwater Bridge Club.


October 1, 2017, Minutes:  It was moved and seconded to adopt the minutes, prepared by Secretary Debra Wilhelmi, and posted on the website.  Motion passed.


2018 Unit Board Election:  Demeter Manning reported that the 2018 board election, coordinated by Sheila Smith, is in progress.  Steve Brown (and Vicki Hamende) are currently trying to secure an up-to-date Unit 441 membership base from ACBL to make sure that only eligible voters (paid-in-full ACBL members) are allowed to vote.  The unit needs this roster before the ballots are counted.  Demeter suggested looking into online voting in the future.  Alex Rajala pointed out that some Unit 441 members do not use email.  Demeter noted that perhaps people could be given the option of voting online or voting by paper ballot.


Eight is Enough December 12, 2017:  Henrietta Moore said she is in the process of tweaking the table count for the upcoming Eight is Enough event and trying to organize teams for everyone interested in playing.  Alex Rajala discussed the possible necessity of handicapping teams that exceed the “eight” count.  He noted that big tournaments offer stratified and flighted games.  Demeter Manning pointed out that Henrietta can also adjust the Eight is Enough point ranges as she sees fit.


2018 POW WOW Sectional Tournament:  Demeter Manning, who is chairing the event, asked Vicki Hamende to update the POW WOW flyer in terms of directions for traveling to the tournament and a list restaurants in the area.  Other items we need to highlight include:

·         Air conditioned comfort

·         Guaranteed partners  (Demeter and Vicki have already volunteered)

·         FOUR days of playing opportunities

·         Goodies galore for all-day grazing


Bill Julius volunteered to find out if any area hotels would be willing to offer a special room rate for tournament participants.


Demeter Manning suggested that we try to offer a special game, such as knockouts, to vary the usual pairs/Swiss Teams events.

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Demeter Manning noted that we need to have the 2018 flyers ready to distribute at a regional tournament in February.


2018 Unit Games:  The board agreed to offer guaranteed partners at each of the 11 unit games in 2018, with board members (or someone they recruit) taking turns.  David Hopkins offered to be the standby player for the January 7th unit game.  Demeter Manning recommended having non-playing directors at the unit games.  Gary Griesmeyer, who still needs to take the director test, and David Hopkins volunteered to direct together on January 7th.


The board discussed ways to recruit more players to participate in the 2018 unit events:

·         Pro-Am

·         Two Eight is Enough competitions

·         11 regular unit contests


Members noted that many people seem to prefer playing in less expensive games, such as the one at the VFW, offered in the area.  The board suggested giving a “free play” to encourage some of these people to attend unit games and special events, such as the Pro-Am.  Demeter Manning volunteered to design the tickets.


Alex Rajala volunteered to provide name tags so that newcomers and regulars can get to know each other better.


If enough 299ers attend unit games, they can play in their own section.  Bill Julius suggested calling it a “non-life-master” game in light of the fact that players must now earn at least 500 points to become a life master.  The board also discussed the idea of keeping the designations low, such as 0-99, to encourage more people to play.


The board discussed the need for more beginning classes but also noted that the community may be tapped out and that people who want to play bridge are probably already playing somewhere in the area and are not necessarily interested in winning masterpoints.


Alderbrook Day:  David Hopkins announced that there will be another day-long event at Alderbrook in 2018.


Financial Report:  Bill Julius reported that the unit’s current bank balance is $5,719.00.


The next board meeting is at 11 a.m. Sunday, January 7th, before the unit game.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m.