Unit 441 Minutes

October 1, 2017


In Attendance: Steve Brown Absent:

Debra Wilhelmi

Alex Rajala

Bill Julius

David Hopkins

Helen Banner

Demeter Manning

Henrietta Moore

Gary Griesmeyer


Guest: Vicki Hamende


Steve Brown called the meeting to order at 11:00 am at the Tumwater Bridge Club.

July 2, 2017 Minutes: It was moved and seconded to adopt the minutes, prepared by Secretary Debra Wilhelmi as distributed through e-mail. Motion Passed

2017 Olympia Regional: Debra Wilhelmi gave an update on the upcoming Capital City Regional. Tournament. Committee Chairs are:

         Intermediate/Novice: Maureen Greeley and Henrietta Moore

         Hospitality: Betsy Brezel and Helen Banner

         Partnership: Helen Miller

         Setup/teardown: Bill Juilius

         Caddie: Debra Wilhelmi

Planning is going well. We expect that the attendance will be lower than in previous years because the Seaside and Whistler tournaments are so close. The tournament is being held at the Hotel RL. Vicki Hamede will send out notifications to the Unit members. Brad Kalweit will send out an announcement to the club members.

November 2017 Game: The Board agreed upon a single session SWISS game, starting at 1PM. Vicki Hamende will send out an announcement early this month to remind people that they need to get teams together to play. We will not have a standby team for this game.

Board Elections: The Board agreed upon asking Shelia Smith to be the Elections Chair again. Everyone is to check with individuals to see if they would be interested in running. The election will be held at the January 2018 Unit Game. Board member three-year terms end:

         January 2018 - Bill Julius, Alex Rajala, Debra Wilhelmi

         January 2019 - David Hopkins, Steve Brown, Gary Griesmeyer

         January 2020 - Henrietta Moore, Demeter Manning, Helen Banner

Memorandum of Understanding for the Clubhouse Usage: Brad Kalweit did not agree to allowing the Unit to hold more games than he had previously approved. It was moved and seconded to approve the Memorandum of Understanding for the Clubhouse. Motion Passed


October 1, 2017

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2017 POW WOW Summary: The Unit lost $1,025.91. Reasons for this reduction are: traffic, air conditioner, and not getting the word out enough.

Ideas for next year:

         Get the flyers out quicker and distribute more broadly.

         Send flyers out to the local clubs.

         Offer a guaranteed partner.

         Work with a hotel for a special room rate.

         Update restaurant flyer.

         Update directions to the playing site.

         Include in the flyer that the air condition will be on.

POW WOW Chair responsibilities (Steve Brown has a manual):

         Apply for sanction

         Have a site arranged unless we want to move

         Submit Brochure to ACBL

         Identify Chairs

         Arrange with David Taylor for tables and supplies

         Obtain ACBL Insurance

         Make arrangements for duplication and hand records

Demeter Manning was nominated to be the 2018 POW WOW Chair. It was moved and seconded to for her to be the chair. Motion Passed

2018 Chairs are:

         Wine: Ralph Wilhelmi

         Partnership: Henrietta

         Setup/teardown: Bill Julius

         Food: Paul Sekulich (Steve will check with Paul)

         Caddie: Alex Rajala

Demeter Manning, Debra Wilhelmi and David Hopkins will meet and discuss the games offered at the POW WOW. Their ideas will be brought forward to the Board for final approval.

Debra Wilhelmi will make up a schedule of sectional and regional games in the local area.


October 1, 2017

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Next Board Meeting: December 3, 2017. Topics to be discussed:

         2018 POW WOW

         Calendar (dates of games)

         2018 Directors and Standbys

         Board Elections

Demeter Manning will get Directors for the 2018 Unit games.

Board decided to keep standbys at the games.

Holiday Eight is Enough: December 12.

Alex will direct the Holiday Eight is Enough game. Henrietta Moore is the lead and Debra Wilhelmi will assist. It was agreed that the Director will have the discretion to determine handicapping levels. Alex Rajala will research ACBL on handicap levels.

The Unit will provide pizza and salad and ask the players to provide desserts and drinks.

Levels will be as adopted at the last meeting:

Level 1

0 - 199

Level 2

200 - 499

Level 3



Financial Report: Bank balance is $6,481.

Next Board meeting is December 3, 2017 before the Unit Game.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm.