Unit 441 Minutes

July 2, 2017


In Attendance: Steve Brown                                                      Absent:                Gary Griesmeyer

                                Debra Wilhelmi

                                Alex Rajala

                                Bill Julius

                                David Hopkins

                                Helen Banner

                                Demeter Manning

                                Henrietta Moore


Guest:                  Vicki Hamende


Steve Brown called the meeting to order at 11:00 AM at the Tumwater Bridge Club.

May 7, 2017 Minutes:  It was moved and seconded to adopt the minutes, prepared by Secretary Debra Wilhelmi as distributed through e-mail. Motion Passed

Memorandum of Understanding for the Clubhouse Usage: Group is concerned about the limited number of times we have to use the clubhouse for the amount we are paying. We want to make sure Brad Kalweit is a going concern, but we are not subsidizing the other Unit clubs. We will ask to increase the number of extra games to six per year. That would allow us the potential for 18 games per year. We do not plan to use that many games, but this contract is for three years and we cannot predict what the Board will want to do in the future.

It was suggested that we need to put something in the contract that if the Clubhouse is not available and the Unit cannot reschedule, then the Unit is not responsible to pay the $300.00 for the month.

Eight is Enough: The Board heard great comments from the attendees. However, it is clear we need to change the point ranges. The lowest bracket needs to be raised to get more players. The following point count was proposed:

Level 1

0 - 199

Level 2

200 - 499

Level 3



It was moved and seconded to adopt the new point count as proposed. Motion Passed

After discussion it was agreed that any team above eight points can be handicapped as the Director sees fit. We will not originally advertise the handicapping, but we will put it out in the final advertisement. The whole point of Eight is Enough is to get mixed level teams, but we do not want to turn away last minute teams that form.

It was agreed that caddies will be paid $20.00 for the Eight is Enough games.

It was found the that it was difficult to have a playing director at the Eight is Enough. We will try to have a Director next time that is not playing.


July 2, 2017

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Pow Wow: David Taylor will deal the hands and print the hand records for $9.00 per set. The Insurance and Sanctions have been approved. Bill Julius will make the pre-payment on the 27th of July. Ralph Wilhelmi will provide the wine. Alex Rajala has the caddies.

There was discussion about whether or not the Board will allow Mid-Chart convention. After discussion, it will be allowed for the AX game on Saturday. The Directors will be informed that Mid-Chart will be allowed.

Vicki Hamende will develop the ACBL Email Blast that goes out to the Units located nearby. The email will include information on the Mid-Chart approval.  She will also send out an email one month out and one week out about the Pow Wow to our Unit players.

Director Coordination: Demeter Manning is the Director Chair. She will be responsible for making sure we have a Director for each of the Unit games.

It was also agreed upon that the Director will be responsible for making boards and posting scores on ACBL. The Director needs to allocate one hour for making up the boards. Debra Wilhelmi will work with Brad Kalweit to develop instructions for using the Duplicating Machine.

Communications: Vicki Hamende is using Brad Kalweit’s player list to develop email lists for different master point count ranges. She has been calling 199’er players to ask about them attending how to encourage them to get more involved and attend the Unit games. Vicki will send out the finalized list to the Board for review.

We discussed needing a standby partner for the Unit game. The following individuals offered to be standbys:

·         August: Henrietta Moore

·         October: Steve Brown

·         December: Helen Banner

Webmaster: We still need someone with web skills to assist on the Unit website. Vicki Hamende will send out an email asking members if they could help. Board members should ask other bridge players if they could help.

Bridgemates: Demeter Manning is reviewing the instructions on using the equipment. If we decide to use  the machines, the Unit would need its own computer to load the Bridgemate software. Demeter Manning will recommend computer specifications to the Board at the October meeting.

August Unit Picnic before the Unit Game: David Hopkins offered to pick up pizza and hot dogs from Costco. Attendees will be asked to bring salads and desserts. Helen Banner and Debra Wilhelmi will meet at 11:00am to set up the tables. Debra Wilhelmi will look at the Unit plates and napkin supplies.

Easy Bridge Classes: We will discuss offering Easy Bridge Classes at the October meeting.

Next Board meeting is October 1, 2017.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 pm.