Unit 441 Minutes

May 6, 2018

In Attendance: Demeter Manning

Steve Brown

Vicki Hamende

David Hopkins

Helen Banner

Gary Griesmeyer

Henrietta Moore

Absent: Bill Julius

Nan Hittmeier

Demeter called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. at the Tumwater Bridge Club.

Minutes: The board voted to adopt the minutes of the March, 4, 2018, board meeting.

Communications: Vicki reported that she is continuing to mail POW WOW flyers to units in our attendance area. She is including a note thanking the units for displaying our flyers at their tournaments. The board noted that we need to emphasize the fact that we offer a guaranteed partner at the POW WOW. Vicki said she will order an eBlast from the ACBL when the time gets closer. She will also send plenty of reminder emails to our unit.

Website: Vicki reported that after receiving help from Gary, Helen Thomas, and webs.com she is updating the Unit 441 website and adding news and photos. She said she has added the Player Profiles to the site as well. She said she will “launch” the updated website soon by emailing the link to the unit.

8 is Enough: Henrietta noted that “8 is Enough” is a Unit Game and that helping with the clean-up at the event is a joint responsibility. She reported on the dishwasher issues we have had and said that a solution has been found. The board thanked Henrietta for providing the pizza and salads at the April 24th event and also for bringing a colorful tablecloth and flowers to decorate the serving table.

Survey: The board discussed several ideas for a survey to be sent to unit members to help determine how to increase attendance at unit events.

The board also discussed the idea of conducting the survey by phone with each board member making approximately 30 calls. The board could send out an email ahead of time letting people know that they would be receiving a call. Steve suggested having the VFW and Jubilee games call their own members to survey them. Steve also said he would be happy to help with tabulating the results of whatever format the board ends up using.

Bylaws Change: Henrietta reported that she and Sheila Smith studied the unit’s bylaws pertaining to voting for board members and are proposing that the board adopt their recommendations so that the election will conclude and the new board members be announced in December. That way, the new board members will be able to participate in the January Unit Board Meeting and be introduced at the annual membership gathering after that. Henrietta also said the bylaws change will allow for electronic voting as well as voting via written ballots. The board questioned whether a bylaws change requires just board approval or approval by the unit membership.

(NOTE:) Vicki checked the bylaws after the board meeting and discovered that the unit membership must approve any changes.

According to our current Article 9 “Amendments to the Unit Bylaws,” changes to the bylaws may be initiated by the unit board or by members of the unit who have submitted a petition signed by at least 20 players. Regardless of how the amendments are proposed, they must be voted on by the membership either at the annual meeting in January or at a special membership meeting, which could take place prior to a regular unit game (with the proposed changes announced to everyone ahead of time).

PRO-AM: The regular Pro-Am will take place Tuesday, June 19th, at the Tumwater clubhouse. The plan is to encourage everyone to arrive by 5:15 to put their name in a “hat” as a Pro or an Am. As soon as partners are drawn, each paired Pro and Am can enjoy pizza and salad and dessert together while talking strategy. The card fee will be $10.

Alderbrook PRO-AM: David proposed having a day of bridge at Alderbrook that would include a regular open pairs game, a meal, and then a Pro-Am game. He suggested planning it in connection with the Summer Solstice in June, but the board pointed out that the regular Pro-Am game has already been scheduled for June 19th. David noted that it could take place in July instead and said he would check with Alderbrook to find out when the facility would be available. Once a date has been secured, Vicki said she would get a sanction for the event. The board discussed charging $25 or $30 for the day.

Gary pointed out that he hasn’t been able to get the results of the March 22nd games at Alderbrook. He noted that he keeps track of masterpoints to determine which players win the traveling trophies each year. David suggested that perhaps Alex Rajala, who directed the games, wasn’t sure about how to post the results.

Unit Cupboard: Vicki volunteered to clean out the unit cupboard to purge it of items no longer needed and to determine if there are supplies the board needs to order. Helen said she would help.

Next Board Meeting: Demeter announced that the next board meeting will take place at 11 a.m. prior to the July 1st unit game.