Unit 441 Minutes

May 7, 2017


In Attendance: Steve Brown                                                      Absent:                Debra Wilhelmi

                                Gary Griesmeyer                                             

                                Alex Rajala                                                         

                                Bill Julius                                                             

                                David Hopkins

                                Helen Banner

                                Demeter Manning

                                Henrietta Moore


Guest:                  Maureen Greeley


Alex called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM at the Tumwater Bridge Club.

March 5, 2017 Minutes: It was moved and seconded to adopt the minutes, prepared by Secretary Debra Wilhelmi as distributed through e-mail. Motion Passed

October Regional: Maureen Greeley is the Chairman of the Intermediate/Novice (I/N)Program at the October Regional. She requested $750. Board approved $600. Usual I/N activities are:

Purpose of the I/N is to answer questions and encourage new players to come and play.

Rental of the Clubhouse: The current agreement was distributed to each Board member prior to the May meeting. This agreement ends on May 17, but Brad Kalweits is willing to abide by the agreement until any new agreement is reached.

Issues raised by Board members prior to the meeting were primarily the limited number of unit games and the $300 cost to add an additional game.

Steve Brown reported that  Brad Kalweit was open to increasing the number of unit games but was concerned that the Unit was not actively pursuing intiatives to increase player participation at club/unit games. Brad also suggested, as a cost saving measure, that Directors for Unit games be asked to volunteer to do one game a year for free.

Regarding increasing player participation, the Board discussed re-establishing the Easy Bridge program,  having each Board Member contacting a 299 player and ask to play in Pow Wow or Unit Game, and improving the completeness of our directory for communicating with Unit member. No decisions were reached on these topics.


Steve Brown summarized our current Club usage as 11 Monthly Unit game on 1st Sunday; and 3 additional Unit games; 2 - 8 is enough (June and December); and a PRO AM (April).  The Board then discussed what additional Unit games we would like to sponsor, e.g. a NLM event.

May 7, 2017

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8 is Enough: Henrietta Moore and Helen Banner are coordinating the 8 is Enough game on June 22. Henrietta Moore offered to identify the Director for this event.

Annual Potluck: is scheduled for the August Unit game. David Hopkins will donate 30 hot dogs.

8 is Enough: December 5 game has been has moved to December 12.

PRO AM: David Hopkins coordinated the PRO AM game on April 22. David reported in hind sight we could have been more aggressive in signing up participants which may account for the decreased table count. That said, all agreed it was was great evet enjoyed by all.  David Hopkins then suggested some changes for future events. For example, have a general sign up and then draw for partners at the start of the event, change the definition of the Pro, and increase advanced communications.

Communication Director: Vicki Hamende is now the Director of Communication. Vickie Hamende is downloading membership roster, giving her ability to send targeted emails to 299ers.

Post Unit Result on Clubhouse Website: Steve Brown and Demeter Manning worked with Brad to (1) have Unit game results posted to the ACBL site right after the game, and (2) have ACBL points awarded for Unit games transferred to the players in a more timely fashion

Website: Gary Griesmeyer is the current Webmaster. He has the technical skills, but needs help in marketing skills. If anyone has skills or know of some, please let Steve Brown know.

Bylaws: Steve Brown noted that the Bylaws lack a functional MATRIX for our Board positions/members. He will draft a matrix for discussion with the Board.

299 Outreach: Reaching out to 299ers and new to the Unit. It was discussed that each officer should partner with a new player.

Preparing for Unit Games: Helen Banner volunteered to coordinate opening the Club House for unit games. She will recruit volunteers to assist.

Alderbrook: Alderbrook is planning to hold a 299er game in the future.

Poster for Unit Games: Henrietta Moore offered to talk with Brad about a Unit Game Poster.

Next Board meeting is July 2, 2017. There will be a unit board meeting every other month.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50pm.