Unit 441 Minutes

October 2, 2016


In Attendance: Steve Brown Absent: Cherryl Waters

David Hopkins Gary Griesmeyer

Andy Vitalich

Bill Julius

Henrietta Moore

Debra Wilhelmi

Alex Rajala


Guests: Ralph Wilhelmi

Eva Cole


Alex called the meeting to order at 11:30 at the Tumwater Bridge Club.


July 3, 2016 Minutes: It was moved and seconded to adopt the minutes, as amended, prepared by Secretary Debra Wilhelmi as distributed through E-mail. Motion Passed.

Pow Wow Discussion: Comments on the Pow Wow:

         Positive comments on the playing site. People from the north liked how close it was to the freeway.

         Facility owner was very pleased with how we used the facility and how we took care of it.

         Need more air flow/ventilations in the room (too stuffy).

         One person mentioned there was not enough light.

         Was comments about coffee running out on the first day.

         There were a number of positives comment on the Saturday stratiflighted game.

Overall, the comments were overwhelmingly positive. It was moved and seconded to request 2018 and 2019 be added to the contract (2017 is already approved) to hold it at the same location. Motion Passed. Bill will contact the Washington Land Yacht Harbor to see if they would consider this request.

We were down 9 tables overall, 7 of them were 299 tables. We discussed how to increase the 299 group. There was discussion, but no consensus on changing the point count from 299 to non-life master.

Director Test: Eight people are taking the Directors course to become a Director. David Hopkins is a new Director, but is also planning to take the class.

October 2, 2016

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Alderbrook Club: The Alderbrook club sanction was dissolved when Linda Shallit left the club. David Hopkins has been running the game, but the players could not earn Masterpoints. Now that he is a Director, he has applied for and was approved to have a sanctioned game again. They hold their game on Fridays, at 10 AM and hold it at a community center for $3.00. It is a very social game and gets between two and four tables. He is hoping to increase the number of tables. Call if you want to play, so he can assure you have a partner. It was suggested to hold the game on a different day to avoid a conflict with the Olympia game. David Hopkins will explore this with his regular players. Alex Rajala will also explore moving the Centralia game to Tuesday for the same reason.

The Board appreciates David Hopkins efforts to keep the Alderbrook game going.

8 is Enough: The Board decided to move the game to October 20, 2016 because of the conflict with the North American Pairs game on October 23.

If we can change the date, the social hour will start at 5:30 and the game at 6. The game will go three hours, then be over.


         Henrietta Moore will be the organizer.

         Debra Wilhelmi will provide a caddie.

         Alex Rajala will check with Brad to see if that change is acceptable with him and the cost to host it at the clubhouse.

         Alex Rajala will direct.

         David Hopkins will pick up the pizza.

         Debra Wilhelmi will apply for the sanction.

We discussed raising the point count for the C players. No decision was made.

Email List: Alex Rajala sends out an email to unit members about upcoming games. Alex Rajala thinks the list is incomplete. Debra Wilhelmi will check with Cherryl Waters to see if we can get her list.

Director for Upcoming Unit Games: Cliff Allo agreed to do the game through October 2016. The Board discussed asking some of the new Directors if they wanted to run the game to get some experience. We also discussed having two new Directors running the game to support each other (splitting the fee). It was also mentioned that if we have an inexperienced Director, they should be non-playing. David Hopkins will check with the other folks taking the Director's class to see if there is any interest.

Financial Report: There is $8,345 in the Bank. A new high for the Unit for a long time.


October 2, 2016

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Extended Team Event: This has not gotten off the ground yet. David Hopkins, Gary Griesmeyer, and Andy Vitalich are taking the lead on this effort. They will look into it starting in the new year.

Elections: Need to get the elections going. Steve Brown will check with Sheila Smith to see if she will run the election again this year. Cherryl Waters, Andy Vitalich, and Henrietta Moore's terms expire this year.

Pow Wow 2017: Steve Brown was asked if he would be the Chair again in 2017. He said he would look at his calendar and get back to the Board.



The meeting was adjourn at 12:45pm