Unit 441 Minutes

July 3, 2016


In Attendance: Steve Brown Absent: Debra Wilhelmi

David Hopkins Bill Julius

Andy Vitalich Cherryl Waters

Henrietta Moore

Gary Griesmeyer

Alex Rajala


Guests: Helen Miller


Alex called the meeting to order at 11:30 at the Tumwater Bridge Club.


April 3, 2016 Minutes: It was moved and seconded to adopt the minutes, as amended, prepared by Secretary Debra Wilhelmi as distributed through E-mail. Motion Passed.


Pow Wow Discussion: The Pow Wow will be at the Washington Land Yacht Harbor. Steve Brown and Paul Sekulich visited the place. They said it was big enough and the cost was good.

Steve talked with Dave Taylor (owner of TournTables). He provides tables, bid boxes, supplies, etc for District 19 tournaments.

Steve Brown is working on details about getting the dealing machines after the tournament in Lynnwood and making boards and hand records.

Steve Brown has taken care of insurance through the ACBL.

Need to get the flyers distributed. People going to different tournaments can grab them and put them on display.

Here are the assigned jobs at the Pow Wow:

         Tournament Chair: Steve Brown

         Food and Beverage  Paul Sekulich

         Setup and Takedown: Bill Julius

         Communications Director: Andy Vitalich

         Partnership Chair: Henrietta Moore

         Caddys: Alex Rajala

         Wine: Ralph Wilhelmi

         Mapping Area (directions to the tournament, restaurants in area, etc.): Helen Miller


July 3, 2016

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Steve Brown asked if he needed prior approval for getting funds for Pow Wow expenses. He will check with Bill Julius regarding the process.


Andy requests another copy of area tournaments as he has misplaced his.


Pro Am: David Hopkins stated there were 11 1/2 tables at the Pro Am. Details to be presented at a future meeting.


Extended Team Games: It was discussed and approval given to hold an extended team game.

Gary Griesmeyer, David Hopkins and Andy Vitalich will coordinate details and rules and report back to board.


Unit Game Attendance:

Another discussion of low unit game attendance without clear Action.

There was talk of doing an informal poll at all games regarding:

         Preference for a Tuesday or Thursday evening unit game!

         Ideas for a limited team game of 499'ers or 299'ers were discussed without clear direction.


New Business:

         David plans to sit for the Director's test during today unit game.

         Helen Miller has suggested a non life master tournament in March 2017 around St. Patrick's day and provided some details to the board. The Knights of Columbus is a possible playing site with a cost of $450. 


Next Meeting: The next regular board meeting will be Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 11:30am. at the Club House.

The meeting was adjourn at 12:33pm