Unit 441 Minutes

April 3, 2016


In Attendance: Cherryl Waters Absent: Steve Brown

David Hopkins

Bill Julius

Andy Vitalich

Henrietta Moore

Gary Griesmeyer

Alex Rajala

Debra Wilhelmi


Guests: Ralph Wilhelmi, D19 Representative


Meeting started at 11:30 am at the Clubhouse.


President Alex Rajala called the meeting to order. The agenda had been sent out in advance of the meeting.


January 16, 2016 Minutes: It was moved and seconded to adopt the minutes, as amended, prepared by Secretary Debra Wilhelmi as distributed through E-mail. Motion Passed.


Treasurers Report: Treasurer Bill Julius stated we have $7,787. The Eight is Enough Game grossed $440. Fees were $77. Net was $362. It was moved and seconded to pay Hilde White $30 for being a caddie. Motion Passed. Henrietta Moore donated the pizza for the Eight is Enough event.


Harmony Hall rent is due 30 days before the event (end of July). Fee is $3,090, which includes a $450 cleaning fee, for a net total of $2,640.


Pow Wow Report

1. The 2016 Pow Wow has been scheduled with the ACBL and their sanction has been received.

2. The flier has been designed and printed.

3. The flier has been sent to the ACBL to be posted on their tournament web page.

4. Andy Vitalich is coordinating the distribution of fliers to up and coming tournaments.


Paul Sekulich is organizing the food.


The Alderbrook Club games are no longer ACBL sanctioned, but are still active. David Hopkins is planning to take the Director test soon, so in the future the games may again be ACBL sanctioned. The game is $3.00 and is held at the Alderbrook Golf Club at 10am on Fridays. Contact David Hopkins if you plan to attend.


April 3, 2016

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One or Two Unit Sessions:

So far most of the comments have been positive for one session starting at 1:00 pm. It was moved and seconded to hold a special meeting after the May Unit Game to discuss whether to continue having only one game. Motion Passed.


Criteria to determine whether to have one or two games:

         Feedback gathered from talking with members,

         Changes in attendance (Bill Julius will prepare an attendance report),

         Impact on current Director (he may not be willing to continue if there is only one game.), and

         Results of an informal vote taken at the April and May unit games.


299 Unit Game

There was discussion as to whether the 299er game should be changed to a non-life master or under 500 points. Henrietta Moore is planning to do a survey of beginner players. She will bring the results back to the Board at the Special Meeting in May.


D19 Report

Ralph Wilhelmi reported the Spokane Regional starts this week. There is a Board meeting he is attending. The November Regional will be held in Whistler, BC. The spring regional will be back downtown in Victoria, BC.


Year-Long Team Series

Alex Rajala proposed we hold a year-long team series. The hope is to get teams to form from all over the Unit. Once we know the number of teams, the teams would be contacted to let them know who and how many games they would need to play over the year. The games would be sanctioned and master points would be awarded. There are a number of guidelines that need to be established, such as, would there be a fee, how many teams, handicaps points, etc. David Hopkins and Andy Vitalich will flush out the rules. Motion was moved and seconded to move forward with a Year-Long Team Game. Motion Passed.


Ralph Wilhelmi will get the name of a person that runs the Bellingham year-long game.


Debra Wilhelmi will check into the ACBL Sanctions for this game.


Disciplinary Chair: David Hopkins will take on the role of Disciplinary Chair.


Next Meeting: The Board will hold a special meeting on Sunday, May 1 after the Unit Game. The next regular board meeting will be Sunday, July 3rd at the Club House. Time to be determined.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:40 PM.