Unit 441 Minutes

May 23, 2015



In Attendance: Cherryl Waters Absent: Alex Rajala

David Hopkins Helen Miller

Bill Julius

Andy Vitalich

Henrietta Moore

Gary Griesmeyer

Debra Wilhelmi


Guest: Steve Brown


Meeting started at 2 PM.


The President Cherryl Waters called the meeting to order. Agenda was distributed.


April 1, 2015 Minutes: It was moved and seconded to adopt the minutes as distributed through E-mail. Motion Passed.


Debra Wilhelmi submitted information for the 2015-2016 Olympia Source Book.


Treasurers Report:


Financials and Falling Attendance at the Unit Games: Bill Julius stated we have $7,281 in the bank and $90 for change on hand, for a total of $7,371. As he stated at the last meeting, we need 15 tables at each Unit game to break even over the year. This month we had only 12 tables.


Pow Wow Change of Venue: The Unit has an opportunity to lease the Harmony Hall, located on the Land Yacht Harbor site, located on Steilacoom Blvd (about 1 mile east of Martin Way, on the south side of the road) in Lacey for the Pow Wow. It is a really nice space and has 6,800 square feet, much bigger than the Fairgrounds. Cost is only $660 per day, instead of the $1,000 per day that the Fairgrounds charges. It requires a $450 deposit to reserve the space. The deposits we have on the Fairgrounds for 2016 and 2017 can be refunded.


It was decided to keep the 2015 Pow Wow at the Fairgrounds.


Action: Helen Miller and Steve Brown are to look at other facilities and report at the next board meeting.



May 23, 2015

Page 2


Boards for the Unit Game: Ann Engle has offered a set of Boards to the Unit to use on the Sunday Unit games. The Unit needs three sets of Boards. Debra Wilhelmi stated that she and Ralph Wilhelmi purchased a set of Boards for Brad. Action: Debra Wilhelmi will check with Brad to see if it is okay to use this set of Boards for the Unit Game. A set of Boards costs around $200.


It was Moved and Seconded to purchase a set of Boards. Motion Passed.


Action: Bill Julius will work with Brad to order another set of Boards. Additionally, Bill Julius will discuss with Brad supply costs for paper and toner.


There will not be any scoring machines for July and August since Cliff Allo will not be there. The Board would like to purchase a set of scoring machines, if finances allowed it.


The IRS does not recognize the Unit as a 501 (c)(3). Bill Julius will submit the paperwork to correct this.


Bill Julius will not be at the July Unit Game. Andy Vitalich offered to collect the fees for the game.


Unit Game Calendar


Director for July and August 2015 Games: Cliff Allo is unable to direct the July and August Unit Games. We pay traveling directors $60.00 per game and in-town directors $50.00 per game. Possible Directors: Wes Coleman, Will Houston, Brad Kalweit, Jose Palmas, Richard Carle, Kim Johnson, Paul Bartron, Dick Goodwin, Roy Markham, Linda Shallit, Matt Koltnow, and Bob Bleil. Action: David Hopkins will check with Linda Shallit to see if she is willing to direct the July and August Games.


There was discussion about whether the director should be allowed to play. If we don't have a playing director, then we need a standby player. Action: Add playing Director discussion to the next Board Meeting.


Thursday Evening Events: Thursday, June 18, 2015 is a Pro-Am game. Maureen Greeley has a beginner's workshop on Thursday nights. She has requested we consider using a different night to hold games. Brad Kalweit has agreed to direct the game.


David Hopkins reported we had 13 tables at the last Pro-Am and that should be our goal for this year. Action: David Hopkins will put a signup sheet at the Clubhouse for the Pro-Am and will call Pro's if we come up short.



May 23, 2015

Page 3


David Hopkins suggested that we provide some light food for a social time before the game and provide time at the end of the game for discussion and raffle off free plays to the AM's for upcoming Unit games.


It was Moved and Seconded that the June 18, 2015 social hours start at 5:30 PM and the game start at 6:00 PM. The Unit will provide drinks. An AM is any player with less than 300 points. At the end of the evening, eight free plays will be randomly drawn for Intermediate/Novice Players. Motion Passed.


Action: Board members are all responsible for bringing appetizers to the Pro-Am.


Eight is Enough: The proposed August 20, 2015 date for the Eight is Enough conflicts with the Lynnwood Regional. The new proposed date is Thursday, August 13, 2015. Action: President Cherryl will do some research regarding a Saturday afternoon game for the Eight is Enough. Ginger Andersen has agreed to facilitate the Eight is Enough game.


The Pro-Am and Eight is Enough games will be promoted with a flyer on the Unit bulletin Board and the Website.


Unit Potluck: The Unit Potluck is August 2. The Unit will provide soft drinks, water, paper plates, and silverware. The Potluck will be held at the Clubhouse. Jerry Glendenning has agreed to organize the Potluck.


Membership Data: David Hopkins has been working with Brad Kalweit on updating the Unit 441 Directory. The list has about 75 people that are inactive. David Hopkins thinks it would be nice to contact the inactive folks. Once we get the list updated, we will use it to update the email contact list. There was some discussion about whether we should put this information on the website. Action: Board members are to assist David Hopkins contact inactive players.


Website Development: Gary Griesmeyer has been updating the Unit 441 Website. He has been working with Cliff Allo to get the results posted. Also, he has been working with Linda Shallit to update the information from her club area. Action: Debra Wilhelmi will send the last couple of meeting minutes to Gary Griesmeyer for posting on the Website.


Swiss Game: Debra Wilhelmi noted that the Unit game in November is generally a Swiss Game. This requires a different sanction request. Action: Discuss the November Swiss Game at the next meeting.


May 23, 2015

Page 4


Charity Games: Debra Wilhelmi noted that the Unit can hold charity games. There are more points given out when this is done. Action: Debra Wilhelmi will talk with Alex Rajala regarding if we want to hold a Charity Game and find out if there is an extra cost to the Unit.


Special Games: Brad Kalweit will apply for the sanctions for the Unit for the Pro-Am and the Eight is Enough. Action: Debra Wilhelmi will work with Brad Kalweit to get the Pro-Am sanction.


November Makeup Game: Action: President Cherryl Waters will work with Brad Kalweit approval to use the Clubhouse on November 22, 2015 for a make-up game.


Pow Wow: Steve Brown reported that all the committees have been set up for the Pow Wow:

         Wine: Ralph Wilhelmi

         Caddies: Alex Rajala

         Hospitality: Steve Brown and Paul Sekulich

         Partnership Desk: Henrietta Moore

         Set up and Clean up: Bill Julius


Steve Brown checked with Thurston County to see if we needed food permits. They informed him that if we post that it is a Potluck we do not need to get a permit. Action: Steve Brown will make sure there is a sign at the Pow Wow regarding the food.


Entry fees for the Pow Wow will increase this year to $10.00 per game.


Notification Action:

         Gary Griesmeyer will post Pow Wow information on the Website

         President Cherryl Waters will post a flyer on the Unit Bulletin Board

         Steve Brown and Helen Miller will post flyers at local senior center and send flyers to local Units

         All Board members are to take flyers to out-of-town games and tournaments


Partnerships: Nan Hittmeier has requested that we have a sign-up place for people to request a partner for the different games offered. She has asked Brad Kalweit, but he has not been receptive to the idea. The Board discussed putting this on the Website, but is not feasible at this time. Action: Henrietta Moore will make up a sign for the Unit Bulletin Board that people can use if they are looking for a partner.


Next Meeting: Next Board meeting will be Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 2 PM at the Clubhouse.

Action: President Cherryl Waters will work with Brad Kalweit for approval to use the Clubhouse on November 22, 2015 for a make-up game.


Annual IRS/Secretary of State Register: Bill Julius mentioned that in May of every year, the Unit has to register with the IRS and Secretary of State. He completed this task for 2015.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:45 PM.