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Elections have completed

Posted on January 5, 2014 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Thank you to the Board members who served last year, and congratulations to the newly elected members. They are Henrietta Moore, Andy Vitalich, and Cherryl Waters. Thank you to Debra Wilhelmi for serving as Elections Chair. The Board will be meeting in February to elect officers for 2014.

Thank you to Fay Bronson and Debra Wilhelmi who cooked the main entree and served the pies for our annual dinner meeting.

Vote for your new board members!

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Please vote at your local club for board members! The term for the new members is January 2014-January 2017. Six great candidates are running for office; please vote for three.

Nominate your bridge teacher for an award!

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Calling all bridge students! Is your bridge teacher the best? Do you wish you could thank them in some way? How about an award? Those are always nice!

Go to the American Bridge Teachers' Association website for more information about the ABTA Teacher of the Year award, which is sponsored by Master Point Press, the Bridge Publisher.

This award is given to teachers who make a difference in their bridge community and in the lives of their students. Make sure that your teacher is eligible and show them how much you appreciate the work they put in to teaching you!

All teachers up for the award are nominated by students just like you.

The deadline to nominate is set in early 2014 and the ceremony to present the award will be at the ABTA's annual convention, held in Las Vegas this year.

‘Like’ the ABTA Teacher of the Year on Facebook and check the ABTAhome website to keep up to date on the latest in bridge teacher news.

Congratulations to the Pow Wow Trophy Winners!

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Congratulations to Ron Woodard, who earned the most points in the 2013 Pow Wow! Ron went home with 26.94 master points, a full 10 points ahead of the second place winner!

Congratulations also to Gary Griesmeyer! Of Unit 441 players entering the tournament with fewer than 100 master points, Gary came in first place with 4.43 masterpoints won!

Both winners have received their respective traveling trophies.

Olympia's Indian Summer Pow Wow

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Wow! It has been a very busy summer! The Pro-Am Game in July was a great success, as was the annual picnic in August.  We are gearing up for the Pow Wow August 30-September 2. Please come participate! For the beginners, this will be good experience if you haven't yet attended a tournament, and it will be a great opportunity to try to gather some of those silver points you'll need on the way to capturing your Life Master milestone.

We award 2 trophies to our unit. One trophy goes to the individual who wins the most points overall in the tournament, and the other trophy goes to the individual with 99 or fewer points upon entering the tournament who wins the most points. Both of these are traveling trophies. The winner may keep them for a year and then they must be returned to the unit to be passed on to the next awardee.

We are seeking volunteers to bring goodies to the Pow Wow. If you are willing to bring a tasty treat, please sign up at the Olympia Clubhouse, or alternatively, you may notify Andy Vitalich (360-459-4397 or [email protected]) and he can help make sure you get on the list for the day you'd like to bring your treat.

Congratulations to Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Winners

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Congratulations to the following Unit winners in the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Races!

0-5: Gary Griesmeyer, both races, also placing 2nd in the district in both categories, and 98th overall in the Ace of Clubs
5-20: Nan Hittmeier, both races, also placing 19th in the district in the Mini-McKenney
20-50: Glen Scroggins, both races, also placing in the district races, 10th in the Mini-McKenney and 8th in the Ace of Clubs
50-100: Stephen Brown, both races, also placing 19th in the district in the Ace of Clubs
100-200: Doug Heying, both races, also placing in the district races, 21st in the Mini-McKenney and 17th in the Ace of Clubs
200-300: Linda Larkin, both races
300-500: Kiki Powers, both races
500-1000: Helen Miller, both races, also placing in the district races, 11th in the Mini-McKenney and 12th in the Ace of Clubs
1000-2500: Alex Rajala, Ace of Clubs, also placing 23rd in the district; Jerry McVay, Mini-McKenney, also placing 17th in the district
2500-5000: Regenia Butler, Ace of Clubs, also placing 14th in the district; Ron Woodard, Mini-Mckenney, also placing 10th in the district
7500-10000: Phyllis Rakevich, both races, also placing in the district races, 5th in the Mini-McKenney and 3rd in the district.

Congratulations also to our runners-up who also placed in the top 25 in the district:

0-5: Richard Griswold, both races
100-200: Matt Edwards, both races
500-1000: Maureen Greeley, both races
2500-5000: Greg Trautman, Mini-McKenney
7500-10000: Stephen Hosch, both races

Happy 100th Birthday Helen Marks!

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What a remarkable accomplishment! You are a wonderful lady, and appear to be in amazing physical and mental health! We look forward to many more days at the table with you!

February Board Meeting Agenda

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Election of Officers and Call for Committee Chairs

Pow Wow 2013

100th Birthday Party for Helen Marks



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Congratulations to our newly elected (and re-elected) board members:

Maureen Greeley

Helen Miller

David Hopkins

Jim Remy

Annual Meeting

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Please join us at the Olympia Clubhouse to play bridge and to join us at our Annual Meeting January 6, 2013.  The schedule for the day is to play bridge at 10:30, followed by the meeting at approximately 2:00, followed by our second bridge game at 3:30.

The meeting will be a potluck event. The entree, dessert, and beverages will be provided by the unit. Please bring a side dish and enjoy yourselves!

Meeting agenda:

Treasurer's report
Regional Awards presented to 49'ers
Report from the district
Volunteer acknowledgement
Announcement of election results